For Districts

The following resources may be helpful to district administrators and for planning at the district level.

This document provides an overview of the structure of the Next Generation Science Standards. 

This document provides an overview of the NRC Review of the NGSS.

This resource seeks to focus educators and curriculum developers on the critical innovations within the NGSS and dig deeply into materials to (1) evaluate the presence of those innovations and (2) answer the question "How thoroughly are these science instructional materials designed for the NGSS?"

Phenomena are an essential part of implementing the NGSS. But what are phenomena, and how can they be used?

This Achieve document provides a summary of key findings from a survey on public attitudes toward science standards.

This National Research Council document provides guidance for schools and districts on how best to support teachers' learning and how to implement successful programs for professional development.

A report from the National Research Council that helps guide approaches to classroom assessment.

The Science Science Education Standards Comparison Tool supports administrators in comparing the differences, both in purpose and structure, between different sets of standards. 

This unique book portrays real teaching scenarios written by the teachers on the NGSS Diversity and Equity Team. The seven authentic case studies vividly illustrate research- and standards-based classroom strategies you can use to engage seven diverse demographic groups.

This document shows all NGSS performance expectations grouped by topic.