Bundling the NGSS

What is bundling?  "Bundles" are groups of standards arranged together to create the endpoints for units of instruction. Bundling is just one step in a curriculum development process; many other steps are required to create instructional materials designed for the NGSS.

Why bundle?  Bundling is helpful step in implementing standards because it helps students see connections between concepts and can allow more efficient use of instructional time. 

Video of an example of bundling (High School Chemistry)

Webinar about bundling

Example Bundles: 

     Read First: Introduction and Guide

Kindergarten Middle School
Thematic Model    Course 1: Phenomenon Model
Topics Model Course 1: Topics Model
1st Grade Course 2: Phenomenon Model
Thematic Model    Course 2: Topics Model 
Topics Model Course 3: Phenomenon Model 
2nd Grade Course 3: Topics Model
Thematic Model    High School
Topics Model Course 1: Conceptual Progressions Model
3rd Grade Course 1: Domains Model: Chemistry
Thematic Model    Course 2: Conceptual Progressions Model
Topics Model Course 2: Domains Model: Physics
4th Grade Course 3: Conceptual Progressions Model
Thematic Model    Course 3: Domains Model: Biology
Topics Model  
5th Grade  
Thematic Model     
Topics Model