NGSS Lesson Screener


Download the NGSS Lesson Screener here:

The NGSS Lesson Screener includes fewer criteria than the EQuIP Rubric for Science and is intended to be used to quickly review a learning sequence to see if it is on the right track. It is intended to be used in more informal reviews.

The purpose of the NGSS Lesson Screener is to quickly review a lesson to see:

  1. whether a lesson being developed or revised is on the right track;
  2. if a lesson warrants further review using the EQuIP Rubric for Science; and
  3. to what extent a group of reviewers have a common understanding of the NGSS or designing lessons for the NGSS.

The NGSS Lesson Screener provides a quick way to look at a lesson and determine whether its level of NGSS design indicates that it is worth investing time in a full EQuIP Rubric for Science evaluation, which is a more thorough vetting that includes a scoring guide. The power of the lesson screener also comes from the productive conversations educators have while evaluating materials. Even with high-quality materials, teachers use their professional judgement in selecting and shaping lessons in their classrooms.

For the purposes of using the lesson screener, a lesson is defined as a coherent set of instructional activities and assessments that may extend over several class periods or days; it is not just a single activity.