For Teachers

The following resources may be helpful to classroom educators.


A document from the National Research Council that provides recommendations for implementing the NGSS in states, districts, and classrooms.

This provides an overview on how to read the standards.


This infographic shows the Implications of the Vision of the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards.


This infographic shows that we've made major advances in science and technology and gained a better understanding of how students learn these subjects since last major standards revisions in the 90s.


NGSS Appendices A through M provide background and detail about the standards, along with some implementation models.

This fact sheet provides basic information about the Next Generation Science Standards.


This pdf provides an introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards.


The purposes of this document are to introduce principals to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and provide a general overview of the key instructional and conceptual shifts required by the NGSS. 

This document provides an overview of the structure of the Next Generation Science Standards. 


This resource seeks to focus educators and curriculum developers on the critical innovations within the NGSS and dig deeply into materials to (1) evaluate the presence of those innovations and (2) answer the question "How thoroughly are these science instructional materials designed for the NGSS?"