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The Next Generation Science Standards identifies content and science and engineering practices that all students should learn from kindergarten to high school graduation. To reap the benefits of the science standards, states should adopt them in whole, without alteration. Adoption of the standards is only the first step toward improving educational opportunities for all students. For states that adopt the standards, they will need to be implemented in every classroom. As the standards will not define a curriculum, states and local districts will have the responsibility for providing more detailed guidance to classroom teachers, and will have room to fill in specific content to help students learn the key ideas in the standards. For more information and recommendations on implementing the NGSS, see the new National Research Council's Guide to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.

To support adoption and implementation, states are now joining together to form the NGSS Network. The Network held the first NGSS Annual Leadership Meeting for State Teams and National Partners in February 2014. This meeting provides states and partners the opportunity to discuss their priorities and share ideas and best practices around adoption and implementation of the standards. Network members will continue to collaborate to create and support tool designed support NGSS implementation in the states.

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