Lead State Partners


During the Next Generation Science Standards development process, 26 lead state partners provided leadership to the standards writing team. These lead state partners continue to provide guidance to states as they consider adoption of the NGSS, and address common issues involved in adoption and implementation of the standards. 

The lead state partners made commitments to:

  • Give serious consideration to adopting the resulting Next Generation Science Standards as presented.
  • Identify a state science lead who will attend meetings with writers to provide direction and work toward agreement on issues around the standards, adoption, and implementation.
  • Participate in Multi-State Action Committee meetings (Committee of the Chief State School Officers) to discuss issues regarding adoption and implementation of the new standards. 
  • Publicly announce the state is part of the effort to draft new science standards and make transparent the state‚Äôs process for outreach/receiving feedback during the process.
  • Form a broad based committee that considers issues regarding adoption and provides input and reactions to drafts of the standards. 
  • Publicly identify timeline for adopting science standards.
  • Utilize the collective experiences of the states to develop implementation and transition plans while the standards are being developed that can be used as models for all states.

The following map and content reflects the state's application for Lead State Partner in 2011.

Map of NGSS States

Click on the lead state partner names below to learn more about their work from their 2011 lead state applications: