Resource Library

The NGSS Network States and Partners support the creation of resources to help educators and administrators as they plan and develop systems of implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards. See below for links to download these materials. These resources are generally provided under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Under this license, with proper attribution, educators may use or adapt materials. See specific resources for any exceptions for licensing. Also note that these resources are intended as drafts that will continually be improved as the NGSS Network receives feedback on their effectiveness.

This overview video provides a quick look at the importance of Next Generation Science Standards.

Watch this video to learn more about the NGSS Accelerated Model Course Pathways.

This video provides an NGSS EQuIP Rubric Overview.

This video highlights part three of the NGSS EQuIP Rubric: Evidence of Student Learning.

This video highlights the NGSS EQuIP Rubric: Using Phenomena.