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mySci, a program of the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis, is a collaboratively designed NGSS-aligned K-8 instructional program consisting of an educative curriculum, professional learning, leased kits of materials, and consulting services to support implementation of inquiry-based science instruction centered around real-world problems and engaging phenomena. They partner with schools to bridge research and practice to support robust science learning for all students. For more information visit their website.

Score: 9

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Science Discipline: Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Engineering

Length: Unit

Year Reviewed: 2023

In this unit students investigate the anchoring problem: The Sleeping Bear Dunes are changing. Students view photographs and maps of the dunes and read about how the dunes are getting smaller and how this affects animals and people in the area. This unit is broken into two sections driven by student questions. These questions support students to investigate what sand dunes are and why they are important, how wind and water cause fast and slow changes to the dunes, and why this is a problem. Students apply their understanding of the science ideas and engage in engineering practices to design and test solutions that can protect the dunes. 


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The following link will direct you to the mySci: Saving the Sand Dunes unit page: mySci: Saving the Sand Dunes

NGSS Design Badge

Awarded: Feb 20, 2024

Awarded To: mySci: Saving the Sand Dunes


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