NGSS District Implementation Workbook


Achieve released the NGSS District Implementation Workbook to help district leaders improve science education for students in their schools and communities. The Workbook generalizes the issues and challenges associated with implementation and outlines some key questions, timelines, decisions, and considerations for leaders. It also serves as a set of critical questions and follow-up activities that have been recommended by leaders and practitioners to help their peers around the country. This resource should be used as the floor for professional learning and implementation planning, not the ceiling.

How should the Workbook be used?

The first three chapters aim to help district leaders develop implementation strategies and timelines that are coherent with other successful districts. The last four chapters focus on specific aspects of implementation planning, including: (1) educator support, (2) communication with stakeholders, (3) high-quality instructional materials, and (4) a comprehensive assessment system. Each chapter begins with a set of framing questions and a list of objectives designed to help district leaders think about some essential ideas. The subsequent text includes advice and questions for district leaders, often organized as a

series of exercises to generate deeper thinking.

To get the most out of this resource, consider selecting specific chapters that are relevant to the district's needs and think through some of the related questions. Next, download the supplemental exercise templates and begin identifying critical partners that can help outline the range of specific actions the district should take.

Additionally, to ensure that implementation planning aligns to the core vision of the NGSS, readers should ensure they are familiar with ancillary resources such as the Framework, the standards, the assessment guide, and the guide to implementation.

How does the Workbook connect to Achieve's other resources?

During spring 2017, Achieve released two additional resources that support district-level implementation.

The NGSS District Implementation Indicators document illustrates what successful implementation looks like and highlights one part of the planning process covered in the Workbook. It also offers some concrete actions that districts can take to measure progress towards their implementation goals. Additionally, Lessons Learned from the NGSS Early Implementer Districts shares how nine districts in California navigated the early stages of implementation in two critical areas: professional learning and instructional materials.

With the District Workbook to help leaders create a comprehensive plan, the District Indicators document to help monitor progress towards success, and Lessons Learned documents to illustrate some real-world challenges experienced during implementation, this suite of resources can help district leaders make their new vision for science education a reality. Download all three resources here.

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