EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science

The Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products (EQuIP) Rubric for science provides criteria by which to measure the degree to which lessons and units are designed for the NGSS.

The purpose of the rubric and review process is to: (1) review existing lessons and units to determine what revisions are needed; (2) provide constructive criterion-based feedback and suggestions for improvement to developers; (3) identify exemplars/models for teachers’ use within and across states; and (4) to inform the development of new lessons, units, and other instructional materials. 

EQuIP Peer Review Panel: Science

EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science, Version 3.0

EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units: Science, Version 2.0, and the Facilitator's Guide for Professional Learning, Version 2.0: Click here

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