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mySci, a program of the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis, is a collaboratively designed NGSS-aligned K-8 instructional program consisting of an educative curriculum, professional learning, leased kits of materials, and consulting services to support implementation of inquiry-based science instruction centered around real-world problems and engaging phenomena. They partner with schools to bridge research and practice to support robust science learning for all students. For more information visit their website.


Score: 8

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Science Discipline: Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Engineering

Length: Unit

Year Reviewed: 2023

In this unit students investigate the anchoring problem: we need farms to grow food, but the process of producing food for all of us can harm Earth’s systems. This unit is broken into three sections driven by student questions. These questions support students to investigate what is on a farm and how farms are a part of Earth’s systems, the problems on the farm, including the use of natural resources and impact on Earth’s systems, and potential solutions that reduce our use of natural resources and protect the Earth.


Link to Materials

The following link will direct you to the mySci: Using Our Resources Wisely unit page: mySci: Using Our Resources Wisely


NGSS Design Badge

Awarded: May 8, 2023

Awarded To: mySci: Using Our Resources Wisely


The NGSS Design Badge is awarded only to the version of this unit that was reviewed. If any modifications are made to this unit, the revised version cannot be promoted as having earned the badge.

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