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Unit submitted by Next Generation Science Storylines and iHub. The content of the unit posted is the same version 3.1 reviewed by Achieve. However, formatting has been changed in the following ways: Unit front matter has been broken into two separate documents 1. Storylines Teacher Handbook and 2. Evolution Front Matter. Modified templates were created to enhance usability which altered all page numbers. Spanish translations of student materials are also available in the lesson folders.

Score: 9

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Science Discipline: Life Science

Length: Unit

Year Reviewed: 2019

This high school unit on natural selection and evolution starts out with students exploring the case of a young girl with a life-threatening infection of pan-resistant bacteria. This case sparks questions that lead them to investigate the growing prevalence of such cases and discrepancies between antibiotic use in their communities and CDC recommendations. As they develop a model to explain how bacteria populations change over time, students expand their investigations to look at whether similar population changes are occurring in a population of birds (Juncos).

A previous version of this unit (v1.0) was reviewed by the Science PRP and was posted here with a Example of High Quality NGSS Design If Improved rating. This unit has been revised based on that feedback.

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Why Don't Antibiotics Work Like They Used To? [v3.1]

NGSS Design Badge

Awarded: Feb 26, 2019

Awarded To: Why Don't Antibiotics Work Like They Used To? (v3.1)


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John Magee
While I think the example given for Bio, the antibiotic activity is interesting, - I think the overall cost of this activity and the is prohibitive and the time involved is significant. I wonder whether the team would consider set up time and cost into their rubric in future. I think many bio teachers would be better served seeing an example that could be done using regularly available lab equipment that supplies available at the grocery store.
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Ingrid Waldron
I agree with your suggestion. For a more affordable activity that requires less time, I suggest Evolution by Natural Selection (https://serendipstudio.org/sci_edu/waldron/#evolution).
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