NGSS For All Students

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) build on the National Research Council's consensus reports which consistently highlight that, when provided with equitable learning opportunities, students from diverse backgrounds are capable of engaging in scientific practices and constructing meaning in both science classrooms and informal settings.

As vividly outlined in NGSS Appendix Dthose student groups that have been traditionally underserved in science education deserve opportunities to become scientifically literate through a comprehensive understanding of science over time.

Additionally, NGSS For All Students highlights the importance of providing all students with high-quality science education and portrays real teaching scenarios authored by educators and research on the NGSS Diversity and Equity Team. These seven authentic case studies illustrate research- and standards-based classroom strategies that teachers can use to ensure that the NGSS are accessible to all students, including:

  • Economically disadvantaged students
  • Students from major racial and ethnic groups
  • Students with disabilities
  • English language learners
  • Girls
  • Students in alternative education
  • Gifted and talented students

Supplementing the case studies are additional chapters to deepen your understanding of the strategies and make what you learn more usable. These chapters address how to design units with the NGSS and diversity in mind, apply a rubric to improve your teaching using the NGSS with diverse student groups, and use the case studies in teacher study groups.

Furthermore, leaders of the NGSS - including Helen Quinn, Stephen Pruitt, AndrĂ©s Henriquez, and Joe Krajcik - offer their insights and commitments to diversity and equity. 

NGSS For All Students can help educators and administrators make the instructional shifts necessary to prepare all students for success upon completion of high school. Access the book via the NSTA Bookstore